Tuesday, 6 January 2015

10th Standard English Paper I Paper II Minimum Pass Maximum Centum Ideas and Blueprint wise Analysis-2014-2015:

Thanks to Mr. S.Gopinathan, B.T.Assistant, S.S.Hr.Sec.School, Arni:
Last updated 29th November
1oth English Slow Learners Tips And Slow Learners Materials 2015-2016
10th English Paper I Click Here
10th English Paper II Click here
10th English Paper I  Slow learners Notes Click here
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English I paper
  • Students should attend all the question in the English I paper
  • Don’t omit any question
  • Write answers in correct order given in the question paper
  • Avoid Overwriting
  • Avoid Sketch pens
  • Giving neat presentation with even space
  • Practice all the previous year public question paper and PTA question
Teacher’s should practice the following marked () topics for slow learners
By following the below tips the students can easily scored 35- 40 marks  and by giving random answers to the remaining questions they can easily score the marks

English I & II Paper
General Tips :-
  • Attend all the questions
  • Put question number correctly
  • Use stick pens to indicate the important points
  • Give neat presentation with even space and beautiful Handwriting
  • Avoid over writing / Avoid spelling mistakes
  • Write the answers in correct order given in question paper
  • Try to write topic, author name, characters, introduction, side heading, conclusion and slogans
  • Write the memory poem with Punctuation marks given in the book and write the title and author name
  • Avoid grammar mistake
  • Give important to book back exercises
  • Revise the Grammar exercises repeatedly and give important to 9th standard book exercises also
  • Work out all previous year public question paper and PTA question paper