Sunday, 1 March 2015

Public Exam Tips for 10th 12th Students:

So, Children your exams are fast approaching & you are facing the jitters? correct? But there is nothing to worry. If you plan your studies well, you can definitely pass your examinations with flying colours.
Here are a few simple tips that you can follow:
1. Your school has issued a time table for
the exams. Go through the time table carefully.
2. Find out which are the subjects whose
examination dates fall after a Sunday/public holiday.
3. Ensure that you know the portions for
the exams. If in doubt, ask your teacher.
4. Prepare a study time table of your own
every day.
5. If you are weak in a particular subject,
do not postpone studying for this subject at all.
6. Every night before going to sleep, look
at the plan that you made in the morning and review what you have done. This
will help you understand if you are lagging behind the plan.
7. Your plan has to be realistic. Do not
stuff too many things in a day. Set aside some time in the day for relaxation
like playing/ television/ music.
Early to Rise & early to Bed
Our ancestors have reiterated time and again that when you get up and study early in the morning, you will understand the lessons better and what you study will be imprinted in your mind.

It is generally not advisable to study too late into the night.
During the early morning hours, the weather is pleasant, there is complete silence, you can hear the birds chirping and you can concentrate more.
Avoid watching too much of television during exams
Television is called the idiot box. During exams, television can distract you and can make you addictive. If you must watch, watch only for a short time.
Practice by Writing
Ms.Vijayalakshmi, my chemistry teacher in class VIII had advised us to practice answers by writing them point-wise. I followed the advice and it helped me immensely. If you study in this fashion, you will benefit a lot while writing your answer paper.
Timing of Studying
Afternoons can be the time when you will find it difficult to resist sleeping. Sleeping for a short while is ok. But make it a point to study the lively subjects like maths and science in the afternoons.
Love the Language
If you are going to hate a subject, it is also going to hate you. So, do not hate any subject. While studying for subjects like history & geography, read the textbooks thoroughly several times. Use a pencil to jot down important points and underline those.
Drawing & Science
As you move to the higher classes, you have to study subjects like physics, chemistry & biology. So, you have to brush up your drawing as good drawings fetch you good marks. Subjects like biology will fetch good marks when you draw even when the question is silent about it.
Health is Wealth
Take care of your health during your exams. If you fall sick. Your parents will be anxious and you will also find it hard to study. so, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables during your exams and drink plenty of water too.
Revision – a Must
Revise your lessons without fail. Clarify your doubts. If you have made a mistake while practicing the answers, do not worry. Learn from those mistakes.
The Intruders
Some of your classmates may call you at home to ask for doubts. While there is no harm in helping them, be polite to them and if they are having too many doubts, ask them to come to your house and clarify things once for all.your time is precious, isn’t it ? also avoid lending notebooks to your friends during examinations. You can however allow them to take a Xerox of the notes & return the books back to you immediately.
Do devote at least 10 minutes for prayer. Prayer, it is said, can move mountains. So, pray for success in your exams and seek the blessings of your parents and elders in the family.
Go for short Walks with your Mom/Dad
After you are at home studying for the exams for the whole day, you can take a short walk in the evenings/ night along with your mom/dad to rejuvenate yourself.
On the Exam Day
* Do not cram till the last minute.
* Be ready to go to school well in advance.
* Check your compass box, pens, pencils, sharpeners, erasers, scales etc.
* 15 minutes prior to the commencement of the exam, close all your books and relax.
* While answering the questions, read the questions carefully and attempt the questions that you know first.
Singh is King, Ghajini, Welcome…..
The television channels will be airing these movies repeatedly. You can watch these movies any time. But what about your class exams? after the exams, when the results are declared, you will be promoted to the next class. So, don’t you think you should give this your best shot!
All the best!